About Aunt Bobo

Allison BoazI love photos.   I love taking photos, looking at photos, sharing photos… all of it.   And it drives me NUTS when I see a great moment that no one is capturing.

A few years ago, when my friends began having kids, my photography picked up significantly.  Many of my friends would have no pictures at all if it weren’t for “Aunt Bobo” as their kids all call me.  Friends started asking me to take pictures at their birthday parties, baby namings, wedding showers and other casual family events.  I quickly became known as the photographer within my social circle.

Recently, I attended a naming ceremony for a friend’s new baby girl.  On my way out I heard the new mother utter, “Did anyone take pictures?”   I gasped.   Relatives had flown in from out of town, friends had come over to celebrate the new baby, and the parents had just missed the ability to capture any photos from their daughter’s first major milestone.   I had to take action.

I had toyed with the idea of creating a photo business for a while, but circumstances always got in the way.   Finally, in 2011, I officially launched Aunt Bobo Photography, a casual, easy, fun and affordable photography service to capture your most special events.

So enjoy your husband’s birthday party, open those precious baby shower gifts, light the candles on your 5-year-old’s princess cake – I’ve got the photos covered.


P.S. Aunt Bobo (aka Allison Boaz) also creates professional and effective websites, blogs, social media, email communications and other digital content for businesses and organizations through her other company, Digital Image Matters, LLC.